Are you visiting Barcelona and need assistance?

We can help you solve any issues during your visit to the city. We can provide free assistance in a wide range of matters. Ask the person assigned to the Sagrada Familia area for help.

Pickpockets and theft

If you have experienced theft or pickpocketing issues, we will accompany you to file a report with the police to make the communication as easy as possible.

Language barriers

In Barcelona, both Spanish and Catalan are spoken. We can assist you with any language-related questions you may have when making reservations, understanding information, or anything else you need assistance with comprehension.


Transport tickets can sometimes be difficult to understand even for locals! We can help you purchase the ideal ticket for your visits to Barcelona and provide a simple explanation on how to use the urban transportation system.


Did you know that all Tapas are meant to be shared? Let us clarify any doubts you may have about the most typical dishes of Spanish and Catalan cuisine. We can even recommend a nearby place for you to try them.


This service is provided by citizens of Barcelona who are familiar with the city and its neighborhoods. Our intention is for you to enjoy your stay and try to address the main issues that tourism faces in the city.

... but we accept donations ❤️

But if you feel that we have been of great help and would like to contribute to improving the service and expanding it throughout the city, you can make a small donation of €2, €5, or €10 through PayPal. Ask the person who assisted you for instructions on how to do it.


Roberto is assisting in the Sagrada Familia area.


Olivia is assisting in the Sagrada Familia area.


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